International Meetings 2022

More than 300 participants gathered for

the 17th edition of AFCOME’s International Meetings

which was held at the Palais Beaumont Congress center in PAU

from 2 to 4 November 2022.

The conferences, organised around 3 sessions, enabled French
 and foreign actors to meet 
and exchange views on current issues 
such as the decarbonisation of the fertilisation sector. 

We hope to see many of you again for the next edition in 2024 !


Wednesday, November 2nd 2022

    • Welcome cocktail from 6pm to 8pm
      Reception and registration of participants, exhibition access

Thursday, November 3rd 2022 :

Agronomy and Innovation Session

    • Environmental issues of the Green Deal and food sovereignty, how to conciliate both ?
      by Dominique CHARGÉ (President, LA COOPÉRATION AGRICOLE)
      To succeed in two opposing challenges. The first is to maintain our level of agricultural production, in order to preserve our food independence and remain an exporter. The second is to reduce our impact on the environment. What are the keys to success ?

    • Agricultural soils, sources and sinks for greenhouse gas
      by Sylvain PELLERIN (INRAE)
      – Assess the potential for carbon storage in soils in the context of global warming.
      – What is the contribution of agriculture to GHG emissions and how can agriculture contribute to the reduction of GHGs ?
      – Interest of biogas as an alternative to fossil gas.

    • Labellisation of farms for a more virtuous carbon balance
      What remuneration for the carbon that could be stored on farms ?

    • Example of a production of nitrogen fertiliser with Green Ammonia label
      Concrete application of a nitrogen fertiliser production labelled Green Ammonia and valorization by the farmer.

International Session

    • Geopolitics of raw materials and agriculturals productions : the challenges for Europe
      by Pierre BLANC (CLUB DEMETER)
      An informed perspective on the geopolitical context, which is having a greater impact than ever on the fertiliser industry.

    • Natural gas : Structuring and perspectives for the European market
      by Bertrand WALLE (BOREALIS)
      An analysis and explanation of the unprecedented situation of the natural gas market in Europe.

    • Electricity : European market structure, actuality and developments 
      by Lyès BOUNEMER (EDF)
      An analysis and explanation of the unprecedented situation of the electricity market in Europe.

    • Poland : Organisation of the fertiliser market and evolution of practices and consumption
      by Joanna POSPIECH (GRUPA AZOTY)
      A detailed description of the fertilizer market in Poland, one of the most dynamic countries in the European Union.

    • Brazil : Another agro-economic model, dependence and adaptation to the international fertiliser market by Francisco GUERREIRO JR (FJR CONSULTORIA)
      Discovering the Brazilian market, a major player heavily dependent on imports.

Friday, November 4th 2022 :

Economy and Regulatory Session

    • Regulatory point
      by Estelle VALLIN (AFCOME)
      The presentation will deal with a current regulatory issue.

    • Supply and demand trends on the international market
      by Etienne ACHARD (IFA – International Fertilizer Association)
      The presentation will provide an overview of supply and demand on international markets and present the medium-term propects for the fertiliser market.

    • Structural and conjonctural evolutions on the nitrogen, phosphorus and potash markets
      For nitrogen presentation by Nicolas BROUTIN (YARA) and point on Green Ammonia
      For phosphorus presentation by Franz PRIESCHL (ICL)
      For potash presentation by Josef WIEBEL (K+S MINERALS AND AGRICULTURE) 
      Each of these presentations will deal with the highlights and developments in each of the markets since the last edition of the International Meetings.


⇒ The presentations are available for those who attended AFCOME’s International Meetings.



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